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Professional Outdoor String Light Installation Near West University

Our outdoor lighting professionals will help design an outdoor string light installation that will help brighten the evenings spent in the backyard or on the patio family and friends. Durable materials paired with our professional lighting installation service will ensure your next patio light installation will deliver for years to come!

Regardless of the size of the yard or patio, Patio Lights of Houston will help illuminate your properties unique features. From patios to pergolas, overhead the pool or backyard areas, our outdoor string light installations will add the perfect light to your backyard hangout!

Professionally Installed String Lights To Transform Your Patio And Backyard Areas

STEP 1: Enter the info below for a FREE outdoor string light installation estimate!

Step 2: Before the patio lighting design consultation, here are some of the common outdoor string light  patterns.

Step 3: Enjoy the transformation of the backyard with family after a professional string light installation near West University 

Once submitted, a Patio Lights of Houston team member will reach out to further discuss your next professional string light installation.

When choosing which installation pattern is the best design for the desired area, it is important to decide where the anchor points for the lights will be. If using the house as an anchor point, the following patterns may be the best string light designs: Zig-Zag, Sun Ray, Cross, or Linear. Patio Lights of Houston will also add any necessary post if no natural anchor points exist. 

Our recommended outdoor string lights design added to your pergola, boat dock, or fence are all best accented with our Perimeter pattern. 

The Geometric Pattern is most commonly used for event lighting configurations. Our event lighting rentals require TEMPORARY anchor points to be used, these anchor points can be custom finished to fit the design theme of your event.

Often times there is not a place to make an anchor point for the patio lighting installation. As a solution to our customers, we have a variety of different style posts that we can pace to make the proper anchor point, without sacrificing daytime aesthetics.

 A Patio Lights of Houston team member will assess the best string light installation design options for the desired area during the design consultation. Once on site, our team members will take a number of measurements, ensuring the chosen design is the perfect light for the desired area!

Step 4: Once outdoor string light installation is completed, click this link to help us brighten the evenings of many others in the Houston area!

Patio Lights Of Houston Proudly Offers Professional String Light Installation Near West University Place

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Create countless memories with family and friends under a professional string light installation by Patio Lights of Houston.

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Patio Lights of Houston takes pride in offering our customers access to a hassle-free outdoor string lighting installation. Our attention to detail along with years of lighting experience, we provide our customers with an unrivaled patio lighting installation service.